Components Sourcing

With using our buying power for sourcing components, you have the benefit of discounted prices and top value for your product, including fast delivery.

Our large range of customers has kept us growing in all the fields we offer. We offer extremely competitive prices and have a strong connection with the experts who we use for these services.

Try any of the areas which you need assistance with and we can guarantee your satisfaction.

Developing Service


  • We have a wide range of experiences and long term relationships with electronic design engineers which are of great benefit to our clients who rely on the most suitable engineer for your project.
  • Supply Chain Management & Prototyping
    SAPA is targeting to aid any new projects in sourcing and building until the approved prototype stage, as well as the continuation of production.
  • We have a fast turnaround time for prototype boards. We are able to get boards manufactured, boards sourced and assembled (included SMT stencil if needed) within one week.


P.C.B. Assembly

  •  Prototype PTH, SMT PCB Assembly
  • Small, medium and high volume runs of single and double-sided PTH, SMT PCB assembly
  • Hand placed and hand soldered high precision conventional component printed circuit board assembly
  • Fully automated high precision surface mounted component placement and automated reflow soldered PCB assembly
  • SMT Line:Fully automated SMT line with vision which can handle auto 0201 package, BGA, chips from 42 × 42mm QFP